Connecting with the “deep soul” Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook – Meditation

1865–1935 • LATVIA AND ISRAEL Abraham Isaac Kook was one of the greatest figures in 20th century Judaism. Considered a prodigy as a child, Kook (pronounced cook ) became a rabbi at the age of 23, serving first in small communities in Latvia and Lithuania. In 1904, when he was 39, he moved to Palestine (prior to the formation of Israel) and established a Jewish academy ( yeshiva ) in the seaport town of Jaffa. During World War I, while visiting Germany, he was taken prisoner as an alien but escaped to England. There he became rabbi of a congregation in London, where he helped win popular support for establishing a home for the Jewish people in Palestine. In 1921 he was elected Palestine’s first chief rabbi, a position he held the rest of his life. He was a renowned Torah scholar, an expert in Jewish law, and a student of the Kabbalah . He was esteemed for his intellectual prowess and admired by the common people, whom he loved in return. He was noted not only for his [...]

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