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Signs You Are a Magician

Recently, Nick Farrell wrote a post in which he enumerated several signs that you’re not a real magician.  Some of these signs are things I agree with, but some I disagree with strongly, so I’d like to counter with my own short list of signs that you are in fact a magician, inspired by his post. 1.  You dress consciously in order to achieve the outcome you wish.  For some environments, that’s a suit and tie.  For others, it’s a t-shirt and jeans.  For yet others, it might be all black with a pentagram.  It depends on what you wish to achieve, and you recognize that clothes are potent symbols in our culture.  You don’t wear a toga to a job interview, unless togas are the expected attire at that job. 2.  You do regular magical work, balancing between “hot” or practical work and “cool” or preparatory work.  You don’t sneer at theurgy because it “isn’t practical,” because you know that it’s profoundly practical.  You also don’t sneer at results-based magic as beneath you, because you know that we [...]

Connecting with the “deep soul” Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook – Meditation

1865–1935 • LATVIA AND ISRAEL Abraham Isaac Kook was one of the greatest figures in 20th century Judaism. Considered a prodigy as a child, Kook (pronounced cook ) became a rabbi at the age of 23, serving first in small communities in Latvia and Lithuania. In 1904, when he was 39, he moved to Palestine (prior to the formation of Israel) and established a Jewish academy ( yeshiva ) in the seaport town of Jaffa. During World War I, while visiting Germany, he was taken prisoner as an alien but escaped to England. There he became rabbi of a congregation in London, where he helped win popular support for establishing a home for the Jewish people in Palestine. In 1921 he was elected Palestine’s first chief rabbi, a position he held the rest of his life. He was a renowned Torah scholar, an expert in Jewish law, and a student of the Kabbalah . He was esteemed for his intellectual prowess and admired by the common people, whom he loved in return. He was noted not only for his [...]

Water Magick

A s many may have heard from watching the news, my home state has been on FIRE. Some of the worst areas where not even ten miles away from where I live. Unfortunately, with the insane amount of other responsibilities, I haven’t had time to climb to the top of a mountain with my “wizard’s staff” in hand, calling in thunderstorms like I use to in previous years. However, last week as the fire worsened past the scope of the previous year’s fire, I felt it would be irresponsible not to do something.   Last Thursday night, my scryer and I (a longtime friend and amazing seer and adept in the Celtic/Druidc path) decided to do another “Astral Elemental Plane Journey” as well as celestial journey to the Jupiter/Tzadkiel realm as well… The appropriate Elemental realm seemed to be the plane of WATER. (To read about the previous experiment of the FIRE realm, refer to: http://bryanashen.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-journey-into-fire.html) …I began setting up my ritual room as soon as I got home from work and arranged a water alter in the west, [...]

A Fun Experiment Goes Right

Back when Hurricane Sandy was barreling towards the East Coast, hell bent on destroying Jersey, I was in Baltimore. She passed over me on October 29, 2012, and around 6:00 PM Eastern, at the height of the storm, I was out on my deck conjuring up the forces of the lightning, thunder and rain, flexing my Gents-for-Jupiter-trained Jovial muscles to play with the storm… and to try a fun witchy experiment: Tying up the storm in knots. I carefully bound the forces of hurricane Sandy, two knots on one end, three on the other for a total of five knots, in five strips. As I bound the forces into the strips of cloth, I chanted and prayed, calling on the Forces of Jupiter and the powers of Chaos Sandy represented and manifested through Our Lady Eris. I wove the forces into the talismans, explaining to them that when they were released, they would release the full forces of the storm into whatever result the unbinding magician might desire. Then I tied them together into a cat o’ five tails, [...]

Strategic Sorcery Summer Solstice Sale!

Strategic Sorcery Summer Solstice Sale! The longest day is soon upon us. The earth is lush and green. The Gardens are bountiful. It is a time that is traditionally used for sharing, giving, and celebrating. In this spirit I want to offer a special sale on the Strategic Sorcery Course. From now until Wednesday June 26 you can join the Strategic Sorcery Course for just $100!   If interested in receiving the course, please send an e-mail to inominandum@gmail.com with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the Subject Line. Here are a few words from people that have taken the course about the concrete and measurable results they have achieved by implementing the course material: “I operate several websites and have done so for several years. Just recently I revisited the financial magic given in Inominandums Sorcerers Secrets book, but in the light of what I learned so far in the course. Within two days of the   working my income from  my main money-making site went up by 420% and it has stayed there for the last two months! [...]

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