Water Magick

A s many may have heard from watching the news, my home state has been on FIRE. Some of the worst areas where not even ten miles away from where I live. Unfortunately, with the insane amount of other responsibilities, I haven’t had time to climb to the top of a mountain with my “wizard’s staff” in hand, calling in thunderstorms like I use to in previous years. However, last week as the fire worsened past the scope of the previous year’s fire, I felt it would be irresponsible not to do something.   Last Thursday night, my scryer and I (a longtime friend and amazing seer and adept in the Celtic/Druidc path) decided to do another “Astral Elemental Plane Journey” as well as celestial journey to the Jupiter/Tzadkiel realm as well… The appropriate Elemental realm seemed to be the plane of WATER. (To read about the previous experiment of the FIRE realm, refer to: http://bryanashen.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-journey-into-fire.html) …I began setting up my ritual room as soon as I got home from work and arranged a water alter in the west, [...]

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