A Fun Experiment Goes Right

Back when Hurricane Sandy was barreling towards the East Coast, hell bent on destroying Jersey, I was in Baltimore. She passed over me on October 29, 2012, and around 6:00 PM Eastern, at the height of the storm, I was out on my deck conjuring up the forces of the lightning, thunder and rain, flexing my Gents-for-Jupiter-trained Jovial muscles to play with the storm… and to try a fun witchy experiment: Tying up the storm in knots. I carefully bound the forces of hurricane Sandy, two knots on one end, three on the other for a total of five knots, in five strips. As I bound the forces into the strips of cloth, I chanted and prayed, calling on the Forces of Jupiter and the powers of Chaos Sandy represented and manifested through Our Lady Eris. I wove the forces into the talismans, explaining to them that when they were released, they would release the full forces of the storm into whatever result the unbinding magician might desire. Then I tied them together into a cat o’ five tails, [...]

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